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Virtual store with new Kolumna24 car trailers with the possibility of comparing various models of vehicles for transport without leaving your home. We have prepared especially for you an attractive offer of the entire range of car trailers, with full characteristics and visual presentation of individual models. On the website of the Kolumna24 store, you will find practical tips on how to purchase a car trailer in the store and how to complete all formalities. In addition, a price list of accessories has been prepared for each model of passenger car trailers.

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Car trailer Neptun Rustik N7-236 rt [GN099]

2800 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  2 products available

Internal dimensions: 236 x 129 x 40 cm
Trailer weight: 165 kg
Capacity: 585 kg
Wheel size: 165/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 437 kg
Number of axles: 1x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Car trailer Neptun Rustik N7-263 rt [GN158]

3200 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  2 products available

Internal dimensions: 263 x 129 x 40 cm
Trailer weight: 180 kg
Capacity: 570 kg
Wheel size: 165/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 437 kg
Number of axles: 1x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Car trailer Neptun Rustik N7-236 rtr resor [GN190]

3300 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  1 product available

Internal dimensions: 236 x 129 x 40 cm
Trailer weight: 175 kg
Capacity: 575 kg
Wheel size: 165/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 437 kg
Number of axles: 1x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Car trailer Neptun Pro N7-236 prr resor [GN180]

3450 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  Sold Out

Internal dimensions: 236 x 129 x 45 cm
Trailer weight: 180 kg
Capacity: 570 kg
Wheel size: 165/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 437 kg
Number of axles: 1x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Car trailer Neptun Pro N7-263 prr resor [GN182]

3500 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  Sold Out

Internal dimensions: 263 x 129 x 45 cm
Trailer weight: 200 kg
Capacity: 550 kg
Wheel size: 165/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 437 kg
Number of axles: 1x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Car trailer Neptun Rustik N7-263 rtr resor [GN192]

3400 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  Sold Out

Internal dimensions: 263 x 129 x 40 cm
Trailer weight: 190 kg
Capacity: 560 kg
Wheel size: 165/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 437 kg
Number of axles: 1x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Car trailer Neptun Rustik N7-263 2 rt [GN149]

3900 PLN (incl. TAX)  •  Sold Out

Internal dimensions: 263 x 129 x 40 cm
Trailer weight: 240 kg
Capacity: 510 kg
Wheel size: 155/70 R13
Tire load capacity: 387 kg
Number of axles: 2x750 kg
Spring / Shock Absorber: No

Trailer shop

Car trailers - single-axle and biaxial trailers Kolumna24 shop

In order to provide valuable knowledge about car trailers, I decided to prepare a collective publication describing the construction, selected aspects of the use and servicing of various vehicles intended for the transport of goods and for traveling for tourist purposes. So far, the Kolumna24 news service has published a dozen or so articles in the form of guides for trailers, in which the emphasis was only on a certain scope of knowledge and it does not exhaust it completely in this field. However, the time has come to prepare a collective publication in which all the important features of car trailers and recently popular caravans will be explained in detail.

Car trailers are one of the most economical ways to transport bulky goods that cannot be transported in a passenger car. Do you work in the garden around the house, do you need to take out rubbish or transport a long or wide object, or maybe you need a universal and low-cost vehicle for transport in your company?! This is what car trailers are used for.

According to the legal definition - a trailer is a vehicle without an engine mounted, which is adapted to be connected to another vehicle, where the vehicle is understood as a means of transport intended to travel on the road. In common parlance, the phrase car trailers is often used to emphasize their strong connection with passenger cars / vans. This phrase is often applied to light trailers to distinguish them from truck or agricultural trailers.

According to clearly defined regulations, the length of the trailer must not exceed 12 meters. Polish law also distinguishes semi-trailers, i.e. vehicles, some of which rest on a motor vehicle and load this vehicle. A combination of vehicles consisting of a motor vehicle (also a bus) and a trailer may have a maximum length of 18.75 meters.

Car trailers shop - car trailers Łódź Kolumna24

Before we move on to discussing individual topics related to car trailers, I would like to recommend my Kolumna24 automotive store to every reader. The retail outlet is located in Przygoń (Dobroń commune) at Łąkowa 3 street in the Łódź voivodeship. Neptun trailers are currently available for sale, and another manufacturer will appear soon. If you are looking for the selected model, see the descriptions of the individual trailers available on the square.

Types of car trailers depending on the purpose, weight and structure

Starting our adventure in learning about car trailers, most of the information published in this public ebook will be based on Polish legislation and our own experience. Using the available information space of the Kolumna24 portal, I will try to present the most important issues for people who are just planning to buy a new car trailer. People who are currently users of trailers will also benefit from it. In the latter case, the relevant information will probably be related to servicing and repairing faults in car trailers, as well as caravans.

We distinguish many types of car trailers depending on their purpose, structure and total weight, which will ultimately affect their use at work every day. All of these divisions are designed to help interested parties choose the right type of trailer to buy, which will ultimately meet their expectations.

Unlike motor vehicles, the construction of car trailers is not so complicated and comes down to a few basic structural elements. The first is the car trailer frame on which the load box (trailer body) is mounted. The second element is the chassis, which consists of the trailer axle with wheels, and the third element is a drawbar with a ball hitch for the towing hook. In addition, an electrical installation with lighting should be added, which must meet all standards in the technical conditions for allowing vehicles to travel on public roads.

Used car trailers and new ones with the manufacturer's warranty

The first division of car trailers divides them into new vehicles and used trailers. Here, in principle, further discussion is unnecessary because the reader is able to determine whether he is buying a new trailer or a secondary product. However, it is worth paying attention to the practical issue of the price of a used trailer in relation to a new vehicle. When analyzing the market of used motorless vehicles in Poland, the most noticeable thing is the relatively high price of used trailers, in many cases almost on a par with the prices of a new caravan (without division into brand and model). Personally speaking with people who were at the stage of purchasing the trailer, they made the same point. Perhaps this is due to the fact that sellers want to get back previously invested money ...? When buying used car trailers, you still have to take into account the possible costs of repairing faults that may appear shortly after the purchase. However, when buying a new car trailer in addition to the material object, we also receive a manufacturer's several-year warranty for the purchased goods and the quality of workmanship combined with failure-free use in the following years.

Light and heavy car trailers, regardless of the number of axles

The division of car trailers into light and heavy trailers is an important issue that the future user of vehicles for the transport of bulky goods must become familiar with. The factor that influences this division is the gross vehicle weight, which is most easily defined as the sum of the trailer load capacity and the vehicle's unladen weight. And so, all trailers, regardless of their construction, whose permissible total weight is less than or equal to 750 kg, are referred to as light trailers. On the other hand, trailers with a GVW above this value are heavy vehicles that are subject to greater requirements.

Ultimately, most people who plan to buy a car trailer decide to choose light vehicles due to low operating costs, compliance with formal requirements and the price of the trailer itself. Due to the fact that heavy trailers must have appropriate structural elements in the form of, for example, a braking device, their price is significantly higher than that of light trailers. In addition, another advantage speaks for the lightweight trailers. According to the regulations currently in force in Poland, trailers with a GVW up to 750 kg are exempt from periodic technical tests at diagnostic stations. Of course, this does not exempt the user from performing the inspection himself!

Car cargo trailers with side boards for passenger cars

These are the most popular trailers purchased in our country, which include standard vehicles with boards, without division into the number of axles and permissible total weight. Light car trailers can have different purposes, which may partly affect their unique structure. This category includes several sub-types, such as box trailers, trailers for transporting motorcycles, trailers for transporting boats and jet skis, or special trailers with a completely unique design.

Car trailers, low-floor platforms - trailers for transporting vehicles

As a rule, we refer to car trailers that have been designed to transport other vehicles or large-size equipment as car trailers. In this category of car trailers, I also included low-floor platforms, which, however, can also be classified as cargo trailers and treated as box trailers. However, for the purposes of this publication and highlighting this variety, I decided to put them together with car trailers.

Construction of single-axle and two-axle car trailers

Having a general knowledge of the types of car trailers, here we will focus on their construction. We will limit this chapter entirely to caravans, leaving room for a broader description of caravans later in the publication. No matter if we are taking on the challenge of a light car trailer or a heavy semi-trailer, their basic structure is as follows. Only the detailed requirements for the dimensions of individual elements and the location of lighting and reflective elements change.

Car trailer frame and supporting structure

The basic element of the construction of a car trailer and semi-trailer is its frame, which binds all the structural elements of the vehicle. The axle and drawbar are attached to it, and the load box is mounted on it, and in the case of platforms, directly the floor (sometimes surrounded by small sides) or the body in the caravan. Considering the case of light trailers, the most common frame is welded from closed profiles or a U-shaped profile on a rectangular plan. In each car trailer there are crossbars, either on closed or U-shaped profiles, and their number depends on the length of the load box - the longer the box, the more crossbars. Some models also use a longitudinal beam in the center of the vehicle, starting either from the drawbar or from the front of the box and ending at the rear beam.

Compared to other elements that make up the construction of a car trailer, by default the frame is the most durable element. It rarely happens that it has any faults, provided that we adhere to the specified loading values ​​and the vehicle itself does not get into an accident. Today's car trailer structures are made in professional factories that meet specific quality certificates, so personally I have not heard of any cases of cracks in welds or other connecting elements. In fact, the bending of the frame in the car trailer as a result of an accident or other unfortunate event automatically results in the scrapping of the car trailer. A deflection of the frame can have a negative effect on the running gear, which will result in the vehicle not being properly guided in relation to the axle. Only point dents that do not affect any part of the running gear are allowed to be repaired.

There are many manufacturers of car trailers on the market, the basic structure of which does not differ from each other. Visual differences may occur when the drawbar is attached to the frame. Part of the structure has a permanently welded or bolted drawbar to the frame. On some models with a tilting box, the drawbar is attached to the frame from underneath in special holders on the pins. Then, at the front of the box, there is an additional handle that pulls the box to the drawbar. The support wheel (maneuver wheel) is usually attached to the drawbar with a special clamp and sometimes a special spare wheel holder is also fitted.

At the rear of the frame, in standard light car trailers or car towers, where the floor is set at a height of about 50 cm and higher, there is a rear beam. It is mounted on the underside of the frame, which is primarily intended to protect against running over by another vehicle under the trailer. In addition, trailer manufacturers use this element to mount lights and a license plate there. In the case of low-floor platform trailers, there is no rear beam fitted, while the lights and the board are mounted on the sides of the vehicle, leaving empty space across the entire width of the floor.

In light car trailers, also in the rear part of the frame on its outer sides, vertical supports can be mounted with a special clamp. Thanks to them, after removing the trailer from the tow hook with the front maneuvering wheel, we can stabilize the trailer horizontally. In addition, additional supports can be used not only for leveling, but also to raise the trailer from the ground, so that the entire weight of the vehicle is not transferred to the tires. Permanently installed supports in caravans play the same role. There, however, the structure of the supports is different, due to the much greater weight of touring vehicles. They play a similar role, stabilizing and relieving the vehicle's chassis. The lower supports in caravans are built on the principle of a worm screw which, by turning right-left, lower or raise the supporting leg.

Suspension and running gear (wheels and hubs with bearings), overrun brake in car trailers

Efficiently operating suspension and running gear in a car trailer improves travel comfort, safety while driving and reduces wear of individual structural elements. Suspension in a car trailer, as in motor vehicles, is designed to reduce shocks when transporting goods over uneven surfaces. Depending on the type of trailer and model, different types of suspension are used, which are connected to the caravan's frame. Car trailers use a suspension with an unbraked steering axle, an unbraked axle on a spring / shock absorber, a braked axle and overrun brake.

The type of suspension in a caravan and caravan depends on its total weight, which is defined in detail by road traffic regulations and technical conditions for vehicles. First of all, let's answer the basic question, in which cases the brake and braked axle in trailers should be used! According to the regulations, in heavy trailers whose permissible total weight exceeds 750 kg, it is mandatory to install a brake and a braked axle. The regulations authorize the installation of an inertia or overrun brake in trailers with a GVW of 3.5 tonnes. One more condition must be met, namely the GVW of the motor vehicle must be higher by 1.33 in relation to the GVW of the trailer.

In the suspension with spring and shock absorber, where the axle is not permanently bolted to the frame, rubber spring elements (bumpers) are used. it is an additional element used in this type of suspension and is most often used in light car trailers. Bumpers are mounted on the top side of the axle. They support the operation of the springs and shock absorbers and protect the frame when the load box is fully loaded downwards while driving, so that the axle elements do not hit the trailer floor.

Drawbar with a ball hitch and a support wheel

The first element to be replaced here is the brake system, because if it is present in the car trailer, it is always connected to the trailer axle. The brake is mandatory in all models of car trailers with a GVW greater than 750 kilograms. You can also find models of light vehicles with an overrun device installed, but they are in the minority due to the high cost of purchase. The overrun brake in the car trailer is installed for safety reasons and its task is to relieve the towing car during braking.

The drawbar in the car trailer is the element that connects the trailer to the towing vehicle. Many manufacturers use different solutions, but in most models it is arrow-shaped and ends with a ball hook.

In the case of light car trailers, the WW 8 ball hitch is mounted on the drawbar with a ball diameter of 50 mm. The WW8 ball hitch is intended for use in car trailers with a central axle with a permissible total axle load of 800 kg and a vertical load of 75 kg. The ball hitch is available in various drawbar designs with round, square or V-shaped couplings. All movable bearings and pins must always be lightly oiled with grease to ensure correct ball hitch operation. It is an element that cannot be dismantled in the event of a failure. For safety while driving, in the event of damage to the ball hitch, it should definitely be replaced with a new one.

The support wheel, or also called the maneuvering wheel, is mounted on the drawbar of the trailer and its task is to facilitate maneuvering the vehicle after unfastening it from the tow hook. They can also be used to stabilize the trailer and to level the trailer during longer stops. The construction of each support wheel is similar to each other. It must be remembered that there are several types of this element of trailer equipment available. In light trailers, where the maximum permissible weight is used, wheels with lower pressure resistance are used. On heavy truck trailers or caravans, the support wheels are more durable. The support wheel for car trailers consists of a crank, a threaded pin, an inner and outer tube and a road wheel. It is an element that can be regenerated if a component is damaged.

Electricity and lighting in car trailers

The electrics of the car trailer consists of wiring with a plug for the power socket in the towing vehicle, combination lamps and marker lamps as well as reflective elements. The location of combined lamps, marker lights and reflectors as well as the type of lighting is very precisely described in the conditions of admitting the vehicle to traffic. The influence on the proper placement of - white front lamps (marker lights) and possibly red rear markers, compulsory combination lamps and the previously mentioned reflectors on the sides of the caravan depends on the height, width and length of the caravan or caravan.

Towing a car trailer, hitching and checking the lights

Towing light car trailers or caravans is a very important issue in terms of road safety and requires practice in moving in a set of vehicles, so I decided to separate a separate chapter. Here, I will try, using my experience and general rules of the road, to present to the reader what he should pay attention to. Basically, towing a light trailer or caravan will come down to similar activities preceding the drive itself, as well as careful attention at the stage of just moving on public roads. In addition, this chapter will cover the rules of the road that relate to the rights that a driver should have when towing a car trailer.

Before you start driving a car trailer, it is worth acquiring basic habits, which is checking the vehicle, and I mean, attaching the trailer to the towing vehicle, checking the lights and visually checking the technical condition of the trailer. When attaching the trailer, first put the securing cable on the ball of the hook or on the hitch available at the hook. Then place the drawbar eye on the towing hook and make sure that it is correctly fastened. There are markings on the hitch, which clearly indicate that the car trailer is secured. The pawl should be locked. Finally, you should manually check the attempt to disconnect the drawbar from the towing hook by trying to raise the trailer by grabbing the drawbar. In the last step, connect the electric plug from the car trailer to the hook socket. It is very important not to pull on the cord when disconnecting it. You should also remember to raise the support wheel mounted on the drawbar of the car trailer before driving.

In the next step, you should check the operation of the lights in the car trailer to see if everything is operational. The absence of stop lamps and turn signals could result in a collision or accident. There are several reasons for lighting failures in a trailer. It is possible that the plug (7-pin or 13-pin) has been inserted incorrectly into the socket, not according to the standard settings. The non-working lights may be caused by the lack of contact on the plug pins and sockets. Check for dirt. Often the cable is damaged or the wires are disconnected inside the plug. For example, the main cable or cables leading to the lamp unit are corroded or torn off. Then you can check the bulbs for burnout. It is also one of the causes of faults in the lighting of car trailers.

The lack of lighting in the car trailer may also be caused by errors in the towing car itself. With unused sockets, they are often dirty or have defects. You should then clean the socket and check that all wires are well connected. As a last resort, go to a car repair shop. It is important that the connections in the socket next to the car are connected on the same pins as in the plug in the trailer. The connection diagram is predefined. Often times, vehicle owners have their pins swapped and the lighting malfunctions.

Finally, before setting off on the road with a loaded car trailer, you should check the tightness of the bolts securing the wheels with the hubs. As a last resort, tighten them with an appropriate wrench. It is also worth checking the bolts every 500 kilometers that they are not loose.

It is true that in the case of smaller box trailers there is no such great need to install an additional side mirror, it is worth equipping yourself with such a product in long caravans or long logs. The external mirror should be mounted on the right and left to make it easier to change lanes or when reversing with a car trailer attached. An additional side mirror should be used especially in situations where the towed trailer is wider than the towing car.

As a standard, each Neptun car trailer does not have a spare wheel (this is an extra paid option). However, it is recommended to equip with a wheel and a jack during long journeys. The spare wheel can be transported on a trailer on special mounting brackets screwed on the drawbar or on the side boards.

Service of car trailers - care and maintenance of components

Like every vehicle, a car trailer also requires servicing of individual components, especially when we often use it in ongoing work. After all, natural wear of individual components, which have a specific wear life, is inevitable. Our care and maintenance procedures, and especially current visual inspection, should be carried out the more often the more loads we transport. Perhaps this is not the place for such comments, but a significant number of people having a car trailer exceed the load capacity many times, and this has a significant impact on the entire structure of the car trailer.

Each car trailer should be properly and regularly maintained in order to maintain its efficiency for many years. It is important that each car trailer is used in accordance with its intended purpose and within all standards. Each car trailer should be cleaned with water, especially after the transport of aggressive agents is completed. Additionally, all elements of the trailer can be covered with a layer of neutral wax - the sides and the drawbar. In addition, the ball bar must be cleaned regularly. Check that there is no play that must be corrected. If there is play between the ball and the tow bar, check the cause and replace any worn parts immediately. Do not use the hitch holder to pull or steer a trailer. The ball hitch on the trailer drawbar must always be greased.

It is also worth successfully storing the car trailer in a comfortable environment for the vehicle. If the car trailer is to be immobilized for a longer period, it is recommended to wash it and protect it with a thin layer of a sheet metal preservative product. In addition, it is worth placing the trailer under the roof so that it does not take up a large area, you can put the trailer vertically on a hard ground, resting on special supports placed (in some versions) at the back of the car trailer or put it on trestles. A stable and dry surface is required for storage. Please avoid moisture and lingering snow cover. Any additional equipment (such as a tarpaulin with a frame) must be dismantled. The car trailer must be parked with the participation of another person. Please pay attention to the sharp edges of the car trailer and wear protective gloves when working with it.

Access to bulbs in combined lamps in car trailers is possible after unscrewing the screws securing the optical elements from the luminaire and disconnecting the electric cable supplying the car trailer. In AJBA lamps (Neptun trailers), the direction indicators and the fog lamp have 12V / 21W bulbs, rear lamps + stop, license plate lighting - 12V / 21W / 5W and front lamps, plate lighting if a single 12V / 5W lamp.

When connecting the electric cables to the car socket, keep the plugs away from dirt. Avoid moisture so that the contacts do not corrode. Always make sure the cable is secured to the chassis with clamps. If the plug has been damaged, a generally available diagram can be used for repair. All lighting materials in the car trailer have a limited service life. The plug and cable are also subject to natural wear and must be replaced if necessary.

On the website of the automotive store Kolumna24 in Łask you will find several dozen models of car trailers that are adapted to towing with passenger cars. Our goal is to provide all clients with only proven solutions. The offer of car trailers is updated on a regular basis on the website and in various classifieds websites and on social networks.

The Kolumna24 automotive store sells Neptun car trailers, which are one of the most popular in Poland. This proves that they are proven and valued vehicles for transport, which is noticed by many customers.

The last days and weeks forced us to adjust to the new reality. Perhaps not everyone will be interested in buying a new car trailer in the near future. Nevertheless, on this page you will find descriptions of selected models of transport vehicles that you can tow a passenger car. I will try to add as much description as possible to each photo, so that everyone can see the characteristics of a given car trailer.

Additional accessories for car trailers - tarpaulins and under-plan frames, support (maneuvering) wheels or extension sides

Each car trailer has its almost fixed structure, which, however, can be enriched with additional accessories for trailers according to individual needs. Each manufacturer has provided a list of optional accessories for individual models to improve work with the vehicle. Some of the accessories are so universal that they can be easily transferred to trailers from different manufacturers, and some of the accessories have been individually designed for a given model. You have to remember about it, especially when planning to purchase a tarpaulin with a frame. Most manufacturers build trailers of different sizes that do not overlap.

Tarpaulins for trailers and frames for tarpaulins and sideboards

The user of the trailer can at any time buy a standard flat tarpaulin, folded directly over the edges of the sides surrounding the box. You can also use an additional transverse flat rack, slightly emphasizing the tarpaulin upwards in the middle. Thanks to this, water will not collect in it during rainfall. The main task of flat tarpaulins is to protect the floor plate against the adverse effects of weather conditions. For people who require space under the interior of the box, they can use tarpaulins with an under-tarpaulin frame of a certain height. Usually, in light car trailers, tarpaulins with a height of 80 cm to 120 cm are used. You can also find higher ones, but you have to take into account a lot of resistance when driving with a towed trailer. The structure of the frame and the mounting of the frame to the sides are different and depend on the solutions used by a given manufacturer. Some people introduce the possibility of screwing the frame to the sides with screws, and then the tarpaulin plays the role of a cover. Other manufacturers offer frames that are only placed on the sides in previously prepared holes, and the frame is held with the side by means of an appropriately installed tarpaulin. Of course, the heights of tarpaulins with under-tarpaulin frames are different and depend on the variety of the manufacturer's offer.

In addition to standard under-tarpaulin frames, selected manufacturers also offer side-to-side frames, also known as railings. Some models have them already mounted on the trailer as standard, and you can buy them for selected models. The on-board rack (railing) will work when the number of four holders inside the box for fastening (transport) belts is insufficient. Using the rails, you can fasten the transport belt anywhere around the perimeter of the box.

Side and mesh extensions and other elements

In addition to tarpaulins and under-tarpaulin racks, other accessories can also be mounted on the trailer, such as a spare wheel holder, a mesh extension or a full side extension, a side frame, support wheels or supports at the rear, or other accessories assigned to a given car trailer model.

Full side or mesh side extensions are additionally put on the side to those already factory-mounted on a car trailer. These accessories are installed when a larger loading volume is required for the transport of loose or hard materials, where using only the tarpaulin would expose it to damage.

Caravans - interior layout and use

Caravans are a specific type of caravans that have been designed for active leisure and tourist travel. Their construction and equipment determines their intended use in advance as vehicles that are to guarantee the comfort of spending free time while camping at campsites and campsites. Therefore, when trying to buy a tourist vehicle, in addition to its technical condition, it will also be important to pay attention to the interior layout of the caravan. In today's caravans, available for sale on the Polish market, we can choose from hundreds of varieties. Therefore, the problem will not be their availability, but the excess and selection of an interior that will work well when traveling with the family. The choice of interior layout is an individual matter that cannot be imposed. It is up to the buyer to decide which version will be suitable for him, but this decision can be made with a clear conscience only with some experience and familiarity with the interior of the caravan.

Traveling with a caravan is a form of motorized activity for enthusiasts and involves exploring interesting places. Contrary to organized trips from travel agencies, caravan trips involve spending holidays with family or friends more spontaneously.

The author of this publication is the publisher of the Kolumna24 information service and the owner of a shop with new car trailers. The text is the property of the author and it is forbidden to reprint its parts or all in other sources. All materials published on the Kolumna24 website are protected by the Act on copyright and related rights and may be used in exceptions provided for by law, in particular for permitted personal use. The last update of the e-book - Car trailers - Uniaxial and biaxial book Kolumna24 - took place in October 2020.

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At the same time, we are developing several information services related to the automotive industry, in particular about car trailers and caravans. Our largest website, Kolumna24, is a general-purpose website with news and offers from our trailer store. In addition, among the websites you will find classifieds websites, where everyone will be able to publish their offers related to transport, automotive and car trailers.

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